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Hunt Whitten

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My Story

Hunt Whitten, the heartbeat behind the Texas country band Willow Creek Junction, is a testament to perseverance and passion. From the moment his middle school band teacher doubted his coordination for drumming, Hunt transformed skepticism into determination. This self-taught drummer's journey began in the 6th grade, not with traditional drum sets, but with an unconventional setup of couch cushions in his family's living room. As he rhythmically tapped to the beats of VH1, he laid the foundation for his future in music.

Hunt's love for drumming is paralleled only by his dedication to his family and community. Married for nearly a decade, he is a proud father of two and finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, like fishing. His commitment to helping others extended beyond music, as evidenced by his recent retirement from a fulfilling career in the fire service. Hunt's journey from a young boy with a dream in a living room to a celebrated drummer in Willow Creek Junction is not just about music—it's a story of unwavering determination and the joy of following one's heart.

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