Willow Creek Junction was founded in 2012 by Joey Fuller and Reid Douglas. After losing touch for 11 years they were brought back together through the life of Reid's daughter Jamie Faith.  You can read more about his daughter at speaklesslovemore.com.  During the 11 years Joey had been down a rough road.  Joey gives credit to Jesus for a life full of joy and purpose.  Reid gives credit to Jesus for having a bigger better plan that we don't always understand and giving hope that he will see his daughter again.  These credits are revealed in their song "The Worst of Her".  Hunt holds down the rhythm section on the drums. He is a small business owner in the sports medicine field and serves the community as a firefighter.  

Tom Lewis plays the keys and bass and comes out of Bryan, TX. He fills a dynamic role with a strong musical background and a clear passion for all things music. Ryan Hetzler is the youngest player in the band and plays lead. Hayden Yap plays the fiddle and really takes the band to another level.

Willow Creek Junction uses real-life experiences to write songs from the heart. They are based out of Magnolia, TX and are booking gigs all over the great country of Texas.